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last updated: November 30, 2005

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ethnicrobot is a band project too.

PORJECT: Hip Hop Pop Project

STATUS: Nick Tidy is working with Ahmad Deshae and currently laying hip hop tracks down at eRobot Studios in Malibu. The band is going to be a full force pop but creditable project. Spoken word, rap, catchy choruses and big melody enforced - keep your ears open kids.

RELEASE DATE: Target date June 2004.

:: NEW:: Songs Preview - Nick and Ahmad “Intelligent” hip hop

You are who you are [NEW]

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Kinetik [NEW]

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Wasted Energy [NEW]

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Don`t Stop [NEW]

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ELEVATION featuring Mazelle [NEW]

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celebration Dial-Up DSL / Cable
intro-ahmad Dial-Up DSL / Cable
Love me like you did Dial-Up DSL / Cable
patience Dial-Up DSL / Cable
yo baby Dial-Up DSL / Cable
progress Dial-Up DSL / Cable

Nick and Ahmad from ethnicrobotic taking a break from recording at the Malibu Studio with one of their featured artists the lovely Debby Holiday.
Nick Tidy Ahmad Deshae Debby Holiday

Debby Holiday is a solo artist and was asked by Nick to sing on 4 songs. " she is an amazing singer, a wonderful person, she`s got great humor and we gonna see her soon as a solo artist going up the charts, can`t wait" Nick Tidy.