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last updated: November 30, 2005

Music Keyboard Projects
for Yamaha, Korg, Emu, Kawai, & Roland

About 5 years ago, I purchased a Yamaha CS1X dance music keyboard. I was totally impressed and today, I still am — a great dance tool. However, I thought the unit's built-in demos were weak so I called Yamaha and, in short, told them that I could do 100 times better because I was a total dance-head. I'm sure that the guy on the other end (who is still my friend today) must have thought I was a total ass. He asked me to send a demo, which I did and I was in.

I did a few projects doing bits here and there — consulting, evaluating product and making money. It was great. I started getting more work... then the trips to Japan came. Some trips were three days long for meetings only, some were for three weeks — a little too long if you ask me. "I've got a studio to run back home!"

My proudest moment with Yamaha was serving as project leader for the DJX II. I had done bits on the DJX I but the "II" was my gig. I really went for it. I didn't get everything I requested, but I think that keyboard is serious. People don't check it out because they think it's just for kids. Listen, dudes (as they say in America), I have one and have used it on the albumswicked!

Nicki San I enjoy going to Japan because it's so different. I'm 6'1" but when in Japan, I'm 11'3"! It's great. So I went back and forth and gained a lot of experience including learning to speak Japanese. I learned important phrases like "Beer, please," "Can I get a receipt, please," "You look really sexy. What's yer name?" and so on. The Japanese are very polite and I have always been looked after very well when on business.

I started meeting more people in the biz like at NAMM. I did demos for keyboard products for Kawai's K5000s, Yamaha RM1X, Yamaha DJX's, Korg Triton, EMU — a bunch of stuff. I'm a freelance guy. My title is Dance Music Composer / Producer / Remixer and — not to forget — DRUMMER (20 years now).

Nicki San 2 I got involved with Roland, who are simply the best. They have great dance tools. I get prototypes off them and create voices & patches, make loops and more. I have an XV5080 — a serious piece of hardware. If you don't have one, save up and buy one. Now. I feel really great working with Roland — their dance music products are excellent. I just completed working on the MC-909 SRX dance series, Extreme Dance, GRV01, and World Voices, too. All amazing, I might add.