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last updated: November 30, 2005

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This is the last image captured
by Nick 's Studio's WebCam

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Recently distilled by ethnicrobotic...
HOT New Tracks : Nick and Ahmad “Intelligent” hip hop
* Wasted Energy [NEW]
* Don`t Stop [NEW]
* ELEVATION featuring Mazelle [NEW]

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SAN DIEGO - ethnicrobot is Nick Tidy -

a Malibu- based songwriter from the U.K. who is scoring big in the world of Production Music. Tidy has created ...


Nick Tidy: Network Music's SLAM!
Superman, Ethnicrobot

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ethnicrobot and the TV pilot:

Nick Tidy, renowned producer of techno and dancefloor music,
delivered a trendy hip-hop theme song.
Cutting edge show and trendy original music spells cross promotional success!
The show promotes the music on TV/Internet,the girls'on-stage performances promote the show in return.

More @ JACK & the GIRLS Website

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ethnicrobot created the Soundtrack For the Video Game Starscape:

-"one of the best little known titles I’ve run across"
" backgrounds of all the 'zones' you explore are awesome"
" one of the best game soundtracks I’ve heard in a long time".

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ethnicrobot is a band project too.

STATUS: Nick Tidy is working with Ahmad Deshae and currently laying hip hop tracks down at eRobot Studios in Malibu.


ethnicrobot Remixes:
The Original Theme Of The 3 Stooges

- Nick was asked by Eric Allaman who was scoring the documentary on the Stooges,Nick was asked to have a crack at doing this rather difficult remix.
(airs NBC Febuary 2003 - closing credits)
- there about 20 different tempo changes...


Please take a listen to Mo and the boys.

Girl Scouts TV Spot
Nick recently composed the soundtrack music for a nationally televised TV advertisement for the Girl Scouts of America. Click here to view (and hear!) this clever computer-generated animation.

Note: QuickTime format only! Download the free Quicktime Player from Apple Computer.

Coming soon: Nick's guide to LA club nightlife. This list will contain news about the hottest clubs in the greater Los Angeles area. Stay tuned!

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