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last updated: December 17, 2005

Nick Tidy was truly an amazing and innovative musician.
With his own unique brand of music; techno-meets-funk-meets-soul-meets-hip-hop,
paved his own road and was a success.
On November 2nd, 2004, at the height of his career and his life, Nick unexpectedly passed away in his sleep. His passing, although tragic and sudden, was peaceful and quiet.

In many ways, Nick continues to live on.

Please review his website, learn about his career, his music, his passion, and now his legacy.

Thank you.

Nick ethnicrobot is Nick Tidy from the UK. Nick currently operates his studio out of Malibu, California. He composes, produces and remixes electronic music for the world.

Nick is a free-lance electronic music composer. More specifically, he's a dance music composer / producer / remixer commissioned by clients to compose electronic music in the desired style and genre.

ethnicrobot's clients range from large music libraries such as Firstcom, Sonoton, and Megatrax to Record labels like BMG, Nervous and others. Corporate clients include HBO, Warner Bros, Fox Sports, TBS, Playboy, Nike, Entertainment Network, Lifetime, Fashion File, Tech TV, Chilies, Chevrolet, BBC Radio 1, Disney, Nickelodeon, USA, KIIS FM, ifc. and more.

Nick composes music for TV commercials, multimedia, independent events such as fashion shows and hi-end futuristic presentations. He also consults with musical instrument manufacturers such as Yamaha keyboards, Roland keyboards and Emu-Ensoniq on new products and onboard demo music for new keyboards.

Nick continues to research the world of Dance Music in order to deliver only the best styles and genres to Film, Radio, TV and the record industry worldwide.

In addition, Nick is the president of Drummers Unite, a charity organization that raises money for school musical departments. DU holds drum marathons and raises money through sponsors in order to purchase musical equipment (namely drums). The last Drum Marathon was June 7 2002. Juan Cabrillio School in Malibu received close to $1500.00 to buy gear after the 5 hour drum marathon — a success.

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Nick is a one-man show and takes full advantage of the art of sampling.

If I can't play it, I sample it. I compose all styles from mild to wild — all genres. I have followed the electronic music scene for as long as I can remember. I understand this music and love it. I do my utmost best to follow the trends and changes — these days it's out of control. Electronic music back home in the UK is like religion. Here in the States, it's still growing and will explode one day soon.


- Nick