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last updated: November 30, 2005

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Nick Tidy: Network Music's SLAM! Superman, Ethnicrobot

SAN DIEGO - ethnicrobot is Nick Tidy -
a Malibu- based songwriter from the U.K. who is scoring big in the world of Production Music. Tidy has created over 50 recorded themes for Network Music's hot new Production Music library SLAM! and counts such media giants as HBO, Warner Bros., FOX Sports, TBS, Playboy, Nike, BBC Radio, Nickelodeon, E! and TBS among his corporate clients.

Network's SLAM! features styl­ ized cuts from musical genres ahead of the curve of what's happening in music right now — not just in Production Music but in MUSIC. The cuts showcase Tidy's vast knowledge of dance music culture - from house to beat and electroclash to chill out.

With several records released on Nervous Records and White Labels, Nick continues to compose music for TV commercials, multimedia, independent events (fashion shows) and hi-end futuristic presentations.

He is very active outside of the studio, consulting with musical instrument manufacturers (Yamaha keyboards among others) on new products and acting as president of Drummers Unite, a charity organization that raises money for music education in schools.

For a glimpse of Nick Tidy's dance world, check out his website at